“Only parts of us will ever touch only parts of others.”
Marilyn Monroe
Kaylea 07241303  Kaylea Haleigh hl090102  Haleigh Lana 08081309  Lana Dorissa drz061203  Dorissa
Lisa lsz122902  Lisa Kaylee 02081403  Kaylee Nadine 10051302  Nadine Kaylea 08081301  Kaylee
Dorissa 11091302  Dorissa Natalie 10121301  Natalie Cara 12071301  Cara Nadine 09141302  Nadine
Courtney 12071302  Courtney Katie ksz061205  Katie Sue Kaylee kez031706  Kaylee Kaylea 07181303  Kaylea
Tessa t0020602  Tessa Kaylea 09281301  Kaylea Natalie 10121305  Natalie Desiree ds022507  Desiree
Kaite-Sue kuz060303  Katie Sue Dorissa 02081402 Kristen Cara 11301302  Kristen and Cara Sandy 09061302  Sandy
Haleigh h0020202  Haleigh Darlene 08211201  Darlene Natalie naz030203  Nadine Tessa t0020610  Tessa